LEO'S Photography is the fastest growing school photography company in Washington. We photograph over 400 schools through our 2 locations, and are seeking to fill positions within our company.  

We are a family owned business that puts a priority on our customer's satisfaction. LEO'S Photography has been producing quality portraiture for school age students for over 90 years.

We utilize state of the art equipment and the services we offer are in high demand. We typically hire for photography positions at the start of our fall season in the early August time frame. The job is seasonal with peaks in the fall and spring time.  We do require that applicants be 100% available to us during those peaks and ask that you make personal apointments and engagements outside of our busy seasons. 

We are looking for team members who are flexible and available with their schedule.  Able to quickly entertain a genuine smile out of school aged children and their instructors.  Someone that is an exceptional listener who can clearly and effectively express themselves both verbally and in writing. The appropriate applicant will have a can do attitude, quick wit, and be willing to work long hours during season peaks and keep up a happy disposition with the students, while focusing on the teams goals. 

You will find that your co-workers quickly feel like a family to you. We want our employees to feel valued and we have competitive wages even during road trips and carpool travel with LEO'S.  If you like to sleep in, or you are shy, turn around and go to the competitor cause our one week turn around keeps us on our toes ready for the next adventure. 

School photography is a dynamic and fast paced form of production/studio photography. Working with LEO'S Photography will expand your knowledge of studio lighting and experience as an on location professional photographer. These skills transfer to many types of photography and many types of careers. This is a good job for a people person. If you enjoy entertaining children, you will enjoy the work.

A typical day during our season involves:

- Checking in the day before your assignment with a lead photographer.

- Driving directly or carpooling to the school in the early morning (start and end times are dependent on driving distance) where you set up our equipment with the rest of your team.

- Photographing quality images of students and faculty or assisting with the paperwork and managing the photography site.

- Returning to the studio to turn in your job and prepare for the next day.

Our compensation is dependent upon your experience and scheduling availability. Because of our limited season, our most valued employees are 100% available and able to work from August through November and again from February through June. We provide all equipment, training as well as reimbursement of mileage. We also provide company shirts for you to wear on location.

We are primarily looking for people with out-going personalities that enjoy entertaining children, but can also communicate professionally with adults. Being fast and technically proficient while having fun behind the camera is a requirement in this position. Having reliable personal transportation and the ability to work with a flexible schedule is a requirement.

Photography experience is not a requirement.  We will absolutely train the right person, but to be considered for employment as a photographer or a photographer's assistant, you must be friendly, safe, and able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs.
While not required, being bilingual (English / Spanish) is also desirable.


Interested candidates should respond to sam@leosphotography.com with a resume.

Or send a resume / complete an application at:
9618 E. 1st Ave.
Spokane Valley, WA 99206